The Holy Trinity

Overseeing, the entire creation is God the Father, His Son, and the Holy Spirit who speaks to the faithful. Their authority and will are expressed throughout the entire Universe. It is our hope and faith that through their mercy and grace we will be saved from our sins and made to see the truth which causes us to ascend via karma. It is by the will of the Father, that through the sacrifice of Jesus, which grants us access to the Holy Spirit, we will be saved.

A Karmic Universe

God has built for us a karmic Universe, in which our individual actions reflect back to us. If we do a good action we receive credits for it, if we do a bad action we lose credits for it. Similarly, if a good action is done to us we lose credits for it, if a bad action is done to us we receive credits for it. Various actions have various weights associated with them. Depending on the state of our karmic balance the Universe compensates us for it in visible ways. It does this continually throughout our entire existence and does not stop at our physical deaths. Normally, this re-balancing process occurs in a deceptively slow manner so as to not produce too much joy or fear. However, even though it is a little like watching water evaporate from the ocean it eventually has powerful effects. These effects are only stoppable by divine intervention; karma is always working to restore balance to our individual equations, which inter-connect us to the Grand Equation. Thankfully, karmic credits are not cascading across individuals and are individually, not collectively allocated; this prevents personal balances from getting too far out of hand. Having awareness of this has the affect of causing us to realize the intelligence of doing good deeds. Likewise, it has the affect of causing us to realize how illogical sin is because we are only hurting ourselves. Knowledge of karma sets us free from all guilt and judgement because every sin either has been paid for or will be paid for, there is absolutely no escape. Therefore, since all balances will be repaid automatically, there is no reason for regret, sadness, anger, or hate toward yourself or anyone else. Karma is truly one of God's greatest gifts to the Universe.